Keizer, Oregon Real Estate News

Fresh data confirms Keizer’s continued housing rebound. 

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Compared to this time last year, North Keizer home prices are up 16.6%, with South Keizer homes up 11.6%. This is compared to an annual greater Salem/Keizer metro area price increase of 11.9%.

Keizer Oregon, Keizer Homes, Keizer Real Estate, Keizer Properties

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Helped in part by a gradual winnowing of real estate inventory, the average North Keizer home’s selling price is now $203,400 compared to South Keizer’s $176,400.

Keizer Homes, Keizer Real Estate, Keizer Oregon, Keizer Properties

Thinking about selling your Keizer home? With these stronger prices, less seasonal competition from other homesellers, plus motivated Autumn and Winter buyers, now could be your best opportunity. Contact Certified Realty, our sponsors for a FREE report on what your Keizer property could sell for using the convenient form below.

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