Keizer, Oregon Real Estate Update

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New Keizer, Oregon real estate statistics were recently released by the Regional Multiple Listing Service, RMLS. In this report, we review the latest information on average market times, home prices and home inventory for greater Keizer.


Home Inventory
Our region now has 2.2 months of homes in supply. This is less than the usual 3 to 6 months of housing backlog indicative of a normal market. As a result, sellers are in control, with more buyers competing for fewer available Keizer homes.


As seen in the figures above, South Keizer has a shorter market time at 31 days compared with North Keizer’s 44 day market time. Home prices have risen 4% higher in North Keizer, which comes in with an 18.9% annual appreciation rate. South Keizer home appreciation is also very strong, however, at 14.9%.

In other words, South Keizer home prices have increased more than 1% each month over the past year, with North Keizer home prices increasing better than 1.5% monthly. The average home price for a North Keizer home is more than $55,000 higher than in South Keizer. 


The average home price chart above shows a clear ascent into higher prices over the past few years for our greater Keizer region. View the complete new Keizer area report here.

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